Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Shoshin Sampler Austin 2018 - 7 CEUs

Shoshin Sampler
Presented by
Randy Cummins 
Black Swan Donation Center
Austin, TX
February 7th, 2018 
7 CEUs
$100 suggested donation

A wonderful opportunity to experience the wide range of bodywork training available through Black Swan Bodywork here, in lovely south Austin Texas.

Participants will both give and receive a sample of the following modalities in this one day 7 CEU fun and fact-filled class.

Barefoot Shiatsu: Lowering the Bar
2 Days 14 CEUs
Traditional floor work utilizing many applications of sustained foot pressure utilizing the balancing advantage of a wooden staff.

Table Thai-Shiatsu
2 Days 14 CEUs
A flowing combination of applied techniques and stretches addressing both the physical and energetic anatomy.

Shoshin Shiatsu Certification
4 Days 30 CEUs
Traditional training in the art and application of Thai-Shiatsu.  A full body treatment in supine, prone, and seated positions.

For more information, please contact randy@blackswanproductions.com


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