Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Shoshin Sampler Austin 2018 - 7 CEUs

Shoshin Sampler
Presented by
Randy Cummins 
Black Swan Donation Center
Austin, TX
February 7th, 2018 
7 CEUs
$100 suggested donation

A wonderful opportunity to experience the wide range of bodywork training available through Black Swan Bodywork here, in lovely south Austin Texas.

Participants will both give and receive a sample of the following modalities in this one day 7 CEU fun and fact-filled class.

Barefoot Shiatsu: Lowering the Bar
2 Days 14 CEUs
Traditional floor work utilizing many applications of sustained foot pressure utilizing the balancing advantage of a wooden staff.

Table Thai-Shiatsu
2 Days 14 CEUs
A flowing combination of applied techniques and stretches addressing both the physical and energetic anatomy.

Shoshin Shiatsu Certification
4 Days 30 CEUs
Traditional training in the art and application of Thai-Shiatsu.  A full body treatment in supine, prone, and seated positions.

For more information, please contact randy@blackswanproductions.com


Stretching Your Emotions

Stretching Your Emotions
Awareness, Balance and Expression

Presented by 
Randy Cummins 
Black Swan Donation Center
Austin, TX
February 6th, 2018 
$100 suggested donation

This hands-on 7 CEU training will demonstrate easy to learn stretches and acupressure points for both the physical and energetic bodies. Students will also be introduced to the concept of how the emotions are realized, balanced and expressed in the view of Chinese Medicine and the Meridian System.

Together we will learn:

-Our emotions are associated with specific organs and body parts
-The relationship between muscular tension and the emotions
-Stretches and acupressure points to release these emotional "issues in our tissues"
-All techniques applicable to table and floor work

Bring loose-fitting clothing and an open mind.

For more information, please contact randy@blackswanproductions.com


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Shoshin Shiatsu Floor and Table Training Garland Texas

Full Weekend intensive: 
Shoshin Shiatsu on floor & Integrated work on table, 18 CEU’s

Shakti Yoga, Garland Texas
October 20-22rd, 2017

A mindful training in the Art & Application of Shoshin Shiatsu: Conscious engagement of the physical and energetic bodies, using passive stretches, soft tissue manipulation and stimulation of acupressure points.

Learn the brilliant model of the five elements, meridians, chi, yin-yang, key points for relief of excesses and deficiencies which affect structure and energy.

This three-day training for the novice and advanced practitioner alike, introduces the concepts and movement, aspects of performing a Shiatsu session on the floor.

On Day 3 learn this innovative style of bodywork, integrating shiatsu techniques on the table that will improve your body-mechanics, delivering a more efficient session to your client while saving your body and hands.
  • Friday:  Yoga class at 9am.  Shiatsu training 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday:  Yoga class at 8.30am.  Shiatsu training 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday:  Yoga class at 10am.  Shiatsu training 12pm – 4pm 

$300 Early bird if signed and fully paid by Sept 15 / Full price $350

Questions? randy@blackswanproductions.com

Monday, May 22, 2017

Shoshin Shiatsu 1 Day Introduction Austin Texas

Shoshin Shiatsu
Integrative Bodywork
Table and Floor class
July 17th, 2017
BlackSwan Donation Center
Austin, Texas
Donation Based Class

To register, please follow the link below: